Pieter Hellebosch

trade intermediary

Pieter Hellebosch values ​​companies and goods. Simple valuations can be done in 48 hours and can obtained via the online form. Pieter likes to come to the site for more complicated estimates. Expert appraiser Pieter Hellebosch also assesses and assists in selling companies and goods.

For more than 30 years he has worked for curators, financiers, company managers, appraisers, consultants, restructuring and crisis managers. With his years of experience as an estimator / trade broker, he is the perfect intermediary. Goods from overstocks, sales, liquidations, company closures, liquidations, seizures and bankruptcies are correctly estimated and find a new owner through him.

In his large international network, companies and goods are offered to real potential buyers. All types of companies and the most diverse goods are traded quickly and at the best price. Pieter Hellebosch is your professional estimator and trade intermediary. Commitment and discretion guaranteed.
"Everything has a value. It is the art to quickly find the highest bidder."
– Pieter Hellebosch –